"Pat and Karen Schatzline are a Power Couple! They are uniquely gifted and they have become gifts to The Body of Christ. They are impacting this generation without compromise. They are truly awakening a generation for God" 
Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor and author, Church of His Presence, Daphne, AL

“This book will allow you to break through your past and step into God’s destiny. If you are unqualified plus Jesus, you are qualified and chosen to be front and center for the greatest harvest in history.”
Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural!

“Pat Schatzline in his latest book, The Unqualified, fills a much needed gap of understanding for all believers who feel called into the ministry but feel unqualified, ill-equipped ordisqualified because of their past failures, lack of education or gifts. It’s a practical book helping folks who feel like a “nobody.” It shows how God makes them into a  “somebody.”  This book will help change the course of the church for generations to come.”
Marcus D. Lamb, Founder – President, Daystar Television Network

"God is using Pat Schatzline to remind people that it only takes a remnant to change our world. The people God uses at times are the people that realize that God is the only one that can help us reach our full potential. The unqualified will not only bless you but encourage you that God takes the nothings of this world and makes them somebodies."
Steve Smothermon Sr., Pastor and Author, Legacy Church, Albuquerque, NM

​"My friend, Pat Schatzline, has written a powerful book that will bring healing to every person that has ever believed that they are unfit. God is raising up "The Unqualified!" In Pat's new book he confronts the lies of the enemy and the traps that the enemy will use to stop God's people from fulfilling their God given destiny. Every person that God has ever used has felt unqualified for the job. Yet, regardless of the dark times, struggles and the battles that we face we must rise past the pain. Each one of has an anointing that was won at the cross! God is cheering you on! This book is a must read for today's believers! No more excuses! We are the Unqualified that God has qualified!"
Rich Wilkerson, Trinity Church, Miami, FL

"It has been a very long time since I have read any book that I relate to more than “The Unqualified.” Pat Schatzline has penned a masterpiece.  This is not a “how-to” book—it is a “I cannot do this if God does not help me” book.  I love it!!"
John A. Kilpatrick, Founder and Senior Pastor, Church of His Presence

“Have you ever thought, "God can't use me, I'm not gifted or talented enough, He would choose somebody else who hasn't messed up". Pat's new book will debunk this lie and show you why God has already qualified you to achieve greatness for His glory!!!”
Al Brice, Pastor, Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC

“Unqualified! What a succinct word to describe the majority of God's servants in scripture. God loves taking the insignificant, the weak, the seemingly foolish, and the lowly, aka the unqualified, and manifesting His power and wisdom through them so that no one will doubt that it is not us, but the excellence of the power that dwells within us. The more we realize how unqualified we are, the greater the effectiveness. So if you think you are unqualified, then read this. For those who think you are qualified, read this as well. You will be convinced to come join the band of unqualified brothers.”
Rev Yang Tuck Yoong, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Singapore

"Not surprisingly, Pat Schatzline has once again put his finger on the pulse of a generation longing to find purpose and fulfill destiny.  Unqualified is a rallying cry for the Army of God, challenging and coercing readers to lay aside excuses, comparisons, and insecurities and to march in their identity as anointed and confident Kingdom influencers."
Jay Stewart, Lead Pastor/The Refuge, www.TheRefuge.net

"The Unqualified" is not just another book, but a REVELATION for a REVOLUTION! Pat's last book, "I am Remnant" awakened a generation to their end-time identity. "The Unqualified" will ACTIVATE that generation to their end-time destiny to SERVE, SHAKE and SHOCK the world into the Kingdom of God!”
Paul Owens, Pastor, Fresh Start Church, Peoria, AZ

"Pat has invited us to realize the power of our journey in Jesus. Through his writings he has brought to our attention our need for spiritual progress. Within each of us is an innate desire to return to the perfect world that Adam lost. In this book Pat moves us from our personal journey to the possibilities of discovering and releasing the gifting within us that aids others on their journey. It contains incredible insight into who we were created and appointed to become. Prepare to be lost in your own potential."
Bishop Patrick M. Schatzline, DM, Daystar Ministries international

“This book should come with a warning label! I found myself being described in the pages of "The Unqualified", even to the words I have said within myself. I always struggles with my embarrassing family history, weak education background, & lack of "qualifications", and wondered why He would still choose me. If you have ever wondered why God chose you, then read this!”
Chris Estrada, Director - Youth Major, Christ For The Nations Institute; Founder - Chris Estrada Ministries

“Pat Schatzline has captured the heart of a generation and how they can still be loved, accepted and respond to the Divine Purpose for which they were created.  "The Unqualified" is a book written for and to a generation who like every Bible character found their purpose in God, through Christ.  Being one of "The Unqualified" I have found security, fulfillment and strength in learning Christ's Grace has Qualified me.  This is a must read for both young and old alike...for those who are Unchurched as well as those who are well churched.  This book will cause you to change the label of your life from "Unqualified" to "Qualified."
Donald L. Gibson, Pastor and Author, Mercy Gate Church, TX

“In his new book, "The Unqualified" Pat teaches us that God, exclusively, uses 'unqualified' people to change the world because that's the only kind of people that exist. If you think you are unqualified for your calling then this book is for you.”
Doug McAllister, Pastor/Author, Journey Fellowship Church journeyfellowshipchurch.com

"We are living in perilous times that demands a revival that renews our understanding of who God has called us to be and reshapes the culture of Gods people. Pat offers his readers an opportunity to come and take their place in the Kingdom of God in these final hours of time. He unveils for each person a place that they too can stand together with Christ Jesus and shine as lights in a dark age. He will inspire you to find your identity in that which the system of this world rejects but God will magnify through exploits."
Mark Spitsbergen, Pastor, Abiding Place, San Diego, CA www.Abidingplace.org

“Pat’s newest book “Unqualified” proves once again the fact that these are the kind of folks God seems to recruit for His team! Pat feels “Unqualified” to be an author and I feel “Unqualified” to write this endorsement. In fact it seems like only the “Unqualified” people reading this book will be the one’s truly used by The Lord in these last days before The Lord’s return. I love Pat and am thankful his “Unqualified” voice is touching multitudes with the gospel of Christ!”
Bishop David. L. Thomas, Pastor & Author, Victory Christian Center, Ohio

“This book, "The Unqualified", will touch your thoughts to the core of all that you think you know about the truth in the Word. Even as a Christian you may battle your past or even your present battles Satan puts before you. We deal with insecurities and Satan wants to keep that at the forefront of our mindset. Pat uncovers the truth in God's Word that He has called us to reach the hurt and broken, the unqualified, by using us - the unqualified. The truth revealed by Pat in his new book will set you free to do God's calling on your life no matter where you've come from, where you're at now, or where you think you're headed. This is an easy read with revelation of the truth and character of God. I pray a spirit of revelation over you as you read his second book to "I Am Remnant". Set your heart to take in the truths Pat will reveal to you in "The Unqualified". Thank you to this amazing man of God who has walked the walk and is now talking the talk. Pat, we honor you and this book! May many be impacted and changed for all eternity and go set the world on fire with the truths you reveal under their belt!”
Tim Roberts - President of Kingdom Resources. Marketplace Ministries

“I often ask myself why would God pick me until I realized that in the last days (Which we are living) God is raising up the “No Names” and “No faces” people out of obscurity for His REVIVAL!. Pats book “The Unqualified” helps awaken the reality that it is really about the HE in ME! Even through our past pain and trials we learn to say like the psalmist “It was good that I was afflicted for then I learned the statutes of The Lord." God took what was meant for ever and used it for His good. This modern day energy drink book will surely awaken every reader to their God given destiny and Kingdom assignment. WHAT A BOOK!”
Scott S. Schatzline, Daystar Family Churches, Lead Pastor

“So many feel disqualified to do anything meaningful for God, but in Pat's latest book, The Unqualified, we see God's plan to use absolutely ANYONE who is willing.  Jesus delights in moving us from obscurity into significance to make His name known.  Pat really hits the nail on the head by helping us understand our rightful place and by avoiding the pitfalls the enemy creates to undermine God's plan.”
Jamie Jones, Lead Pastor, Trinity Assembly of God, Deltona, FL

“Pat Schatzline has done it again! Reading this book has ignited a fresh fire within to make my life count. "The Unqualified" is a stirring war cry to a generation that God is burning to awaken to take their place! This book will challenge YOU to believe that God wants to use YOU to change the world!”
Michael Dow, Evangelist, Burning-One’s & CFAN

Pastor Pats book "the unqualified" is the very heart beat of God. This book is a love song from God to an entire generation of radicals. I highly recommend this book, although be warned it will offend you in all the right places!
Dr. Luke Holter, PhD Award Winning Author & Prophetic Voice www.propheticsheep.org

"Throughout God's Word, we consistently observe this powerful insight into God's character: God delights in using messed up people to manifest and shine His enabling power and grace. For example God must have known of Samson's propensity to be undisciplined & a womanizer and yet He chose him to deliver and rule Israel. God sovereignly called a prostitute named Rahab, not only to guarantee Israel's conquest of Jericho, but to be included in the lineage of Jesus' ancestry. Pat Schatzline has written another masterpiece in the same spirit of "Why Is God So Mad At Me" and "I Am Remnant" to help the reader overcome the weapons of inferiority and condemnation that Satan uses to distract, demoralize, and detour him into thinking he can ever be good enough to be used by God to do great and mighty things. This book is not vague theology but a down to earth expose of the lies of Satan and the overwhelming desire of God to use anyone human enough to have messed up in life or struggling with mediocrity and low self worth. The 39 tenets of "The Manifesto Of The Unqualified" are sufficient reason enough to purchase this powerful book. Truly this book will challenge and commission all to confront the guilts of the past, and the apprehensions with the future, and rise up to grasp today with new confidence that God wants to and will use you to do great and mighty things for His kingdom!!"
David Garcia, Pastor and Author, Grace World Outreach Center, Brooksville, FL

“Pastor Pat Schatzline has a true gift in seeing Gods call for the Unqualified. He saw me when I wasn't much and believed in me and spoke over me that God would use me. He was right! And today all that I thought disqualified me for ministry are the exact things God has used to qualify me. This book is a must read for anyone who thinks they have gone to far, lived to long, sinned to much, to young, to dumb whatever it may be read this book and know you are Qualified.”
Jeremy Donovan, Pastor and author Director of Student Ministries, Trinity Church, Cedar Hill TX.