“How did God pick me as a minister?  I have no one in my family who had ever been a Christian. There are no relatives that were missionaries, Sunday school teachers or even a church usher.  Bibles were not in my house and God lived in a cloud somewhere.  I am “unqualified”.  I definitely lacked the qualifications necessary to participate in any area of ministry.  I am “unqualified.”  I was not born in a minister’s home, connected to a church or possessed a degree from Bible school.  I am “unqualified” in comparison to those blessed by spiritual fathers and mentors.  I am “unqualified” only by my own assessment, downloaded from my fleshly thinking. Unqualified is actually a supernatural, penetrating, prophetic word of qualifications on every resume God promotes to greatness.  You can’t (unqualified), but He can (qualified).  Read who you really are and what you were born for.  Discover the seed of potential God has placed inside you.  Pat Schatzline bravely and masterfully confronts this secret society of the “unqualified”. Get ready to be transformed.”
Glen Berteau, Pastor & Author, The House, Modesto, CA

“From the beginning of faith, God’s people prove themselves well-rehearsed in identifying and declaring reasons they are under qualified and under resourced to accomplish God’s dreams and destinies. From Moses excuses about inadequate public speaking skills, Gideon’s protest about his pedigree, to Jesus’ disciples refusing to participate in feeding hungry multitudes… God’s people intuitively play themselves small. Yet, central to the vision of the gospel is a message of powerful transformation. It seems God specializes in choosing the guys overlooked by others, the girls no one else wants, cities with poor reputations, just to prove what can happen when the power of the Holy Spirit invades weak but willing vessels.

“Unqualified” wonderfully dismantles societal and individual strongholds which dishonor the splendor of God’s grace. For too long, religious culture has required ordinations, rule–keeping, or perhaps a certificate from the right denomination as a means of qualifying someone to participate in the activities of God in the earth.  Unqualified removes excuses and opens a gospel based hope into the freedom of high-level partnership with God.

Scripture announces without a vision the people perish. Scripture also suggests and alludes to the reality, without people the vision perishes. Pat’s timely writing will activate latent yearnings of God’s called ones, cast off condemnation and damaged identity issues, mobilizing passionate hearts. Readers of “Unqualified” lose all excuses to remain spectators in the adventures of God’s kingdom.”
Jim Hennesy, Pastor and author, Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, TX