The unqualified embrace the fact that their God identity is formed in the wilderness of obscurity.

The unqualified glance back at their past not with remorse or fear but so they may warn others of the road ahead.

The unqualified refuse to bow to compromise because they would rather have God, not man, firmly on their side.

The unqualified understand that without the active work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, they will become an echo rather than God’s voice of deliverance.

The unqualified would rather welcome the Holy Spirit in a small gathering of the hungry than a crowded room of the satisfied.

The unqualified stand in awe of the love of God that rescued them from a life of pain.

The unqualified leave their pride and fear at the doorway of God’s invitation to partake of His body and blood.

The unqualified know God is not looking for the most righteous or best voice, but rather the most obedient and faithful servant.

The unqualified are never quick to judge because they know the Righteous Judge has redeemed them from their past to rescue those in their future.

The unqualified know God uses the least qualified to change history and confound the most qualified.

The unqualified have realized their insecurities must end at the place where God carried them the most when they were at their worst.

The unqualified are the ones most uniquely qualified to embrace a Savior who was rejected by man and crucified on a dead tree, because they too are now dead to this world.

The unqualified never ignore the hurting because they have scars of pain, too, to prove they have survived to testify.

The unqualified realize God never demands perfection but continually whispers that we must stay in pursuit of Him.

The unqualified have established in their hearts that the anointing of God is what makes them ready to dream again.

The unqualified walk in reverence of the knowledge that without God’s help, they will never accomplish anything.

The unqualified live their lives continually seeking the face of God for direction, because they know without Him they are on a journey that leads to nowhere.

The unqualified never seek the stage because they know that’s not where their identity rests, seeking instead the quiet solace of secret God encounters.

The unqualified choose to stay away from the mirror of self-deprecation and instead spend their lives looking through binoculars of hope.

The unqualified have learned that leaning on their own understanding only delays the mission God has prepared for them.

The unqualified stay hidden in God’s Word so they never walk in the wisdom of the world.

The unqualified continually ignore the noise of the culture the enemy uses to disqualify their voice.

The unqualified don’t have to be seen or heard because they know God has already established their journey.

The unqualified don’t mind the dark season because they know God always shines the brightest in the dark.

The unqualified know their calling was created in the cave where God began the work that would lead them out into the world.

The unqualified never take credit for works of God because they know the words Jesus said about “greater works shall you do” referred to those they are called to serve.

The unqualified realized long ago that gifting and talents fail but brokenness is the stage of transformation.

The unqualified recognize the flaws in their armor so as not to embarrass the cross when God elevates them.

The unqualified are quick to run from compromise because they don’t want to be disqualified from the work of the King.

The unqualified never desire the stage but know it is on the stage that they become a prop for God’s glory and not their own.

The unqualified never desire to hear the cheer from the crowd but only the cries of the great cloud of witnesses.

The unqualified have nothing to lose because they lost all selfish ambition at the foot of the cross of humiliation.

The unqualified have realized that if God is not able to do a work in them, then those they are called to serve will never experience the healing that comes from their Savior’s redeeming love.

The unqualified must share the truth of God because they know the enemy’s lies are what previously kept them locked in a prison of pain.

The unqualified can hear the sounds of the drowning because they know what it is like to be a drowning victim who was rescued by a Savior.

The unqualified have learned to ignore the voice of the enemy because they know they are God’s messengers of freedom.

The unqualified quickly recognize their errors because they’ve seen what has disqualified other messengers of hope.

The unqualified are desperate for a move of God in this generation so others will realize it’s God’s love that qualifies us for eternity.

The unqualified never throw stones at others’ failures because they are too busy throwing a rope to rescue them.

The unqualified are never impressed with religion because they know religion is what kept them in bondage for years and crucified their Savior.

The unqualified are those God has always used to confound man’s humanistic message and law of natural selection because they represent the enemy’s failed attempt to bury the living.

The unqualified know they were never called to look like the world but instead to bring God’s message of hope to the hurting.

The unqualified are keenly aware that if God does not intervene, then we are doomed to self-destruct.

The unqualified know that heaven will not be a country club of the elite but a fellowship of the unashamed.

The unqualified are keenly aware that spiritual depth and desperation for God will shut the mouth of the naysayers and depose the accusations of the presumptuous.

The Manifesto of the Unqualified