The Bible says in Acts 4:13 “ When they saw the boldness of Peter and John, they perceived they were untrained and uneducated men, they marveled. And they realized they had been with Jesus’. The unqualified are individuals who are willing to let the world see who they are not, so they can see who they have been with! 
James Levesque, Pastor, New London, CT

The Unqualified would rather hear, "Well done, Faithful Son," than obtain the system's position of Favorite Son!
Carey Harrell, Pastor, Roanoke, VA

“The unqualified live in the very real tension of being responsible to others to have answers, vision, leadership and authority yet knowing they are desperately in need of Gods supply of each of them. They are keenly aware of their inabilities and yet have still answered, "Here am I Lord, send me!"
Travis Jenkins, Pastor, OKC, Oklahoma

Unqualified is...people who through their flaws realize they cannot live without the supernatural power of Jesus Christ!! Unqualified is.. People with flaws living every moment of their life walking in the supernatural. Unqualified is.. Flawed people, overlooked, relying on the supernatural.
Adam Kling, Youth Pastor, Prescott, AZ

“God takes the unqualified and gives them a platform of significance to show how big God is!”
Shaun Koch, Youth and Associate Pastor, Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Being aware that you are unqualified is the greatest revelation you can have about yourself. It's the place you realize that despite all your inadequacies, insecurities, fears and failures, God still takes pleasure in using you to accomplish His plans. The focus then becomes less on self and more on Jesus, which is exactly where it should be.".
Tim Cravens, Youth Pastor, Santa Cruz, CA

"God, in his wisdom, has historically chosen unqualified people to shape world history. People who are qualified by grace and empowered by love because they said yes to God."
Tom Crandall, Youth Pastor, Bethel, Redding, CA

“The unqualified are those who may not meet the proper requirements or qualifications that please men. They, in turn are often better suited to be God pleasers. What seems to be there weakness, in reality, becomes their strength... their message will help put others faith in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men.”
Greg DeVries, Pastor and author, The Well Family Worship Center, Scottsboro, AL

"The unqualified ones are the Davids of this generation, they see victory when other see defeat. They are the ones who run with courage when others run with fear. They are God heroes in disguise. God causes the unqualified to succeed when people expect them to fail."
Micah Marshall, Youth Pastor, Altoona, PA

"God loves the least, last and lost. It shouldn't surprise us that He hand picks the foolish to confound wise. Those that were rejected locally often  are promoted by God globally for His glory. "Unqualifed" is greater than a degree from an Ivy League school. Graduate with God TODAY because the Lord doesn't call the qualified but qualified the called."
Frank Shelton, Author "Carrying Greatness," Fox New Contributor & Evangelism Chairman 2012 Olympics Outreach

The unqualified are those whose brokenness and broken hearts have been mended by the broken body of our Savior. The weaknesses and cracks in our earthen-vessel lives only serve as windows for His glory and strength to shine through.
Doug Witherup, District Youth Director & Author, Concord, NC

"The unqualified. One encounter with God can change the direction and course of any individual. It's not affluence, it's not ability and it's not about ambition it's about being available for an encounter! I am that kid with no Pentecostal heritage, no affluence, and not much ability...But I was available for the encounter."
Al Force, District Youth Director, Pen FL Assemblies of God

“The Unqualified are the ones who lack the pedigree, but maintain integrity. The ones who are missing education, but pray for revelation. They aren't entertained with a title, but will carry the towel.”
Jeremy White, Youth Pastor, Clermont, FL

“The unqualified are those who have been disqualified not just by people but sometimes life itself. How do unlearned fishermen and an unforgiving tax collector turn the world upside down with revelation and unconditional love? Jesus took the unqualified and actually told them "you will do greater things than these". What? The man whose writings are quoted and taught in churches maybe more than any other, the Apostle Paul, would not even be qualified to be a door greeter in those same churches. Imprisoned, beaten, thrown out of towns, shipwrecked, stricken with disease and formerly was known to order the killing of some Christians! How? His own words give us the call of the unqualified... "I did not come to you with persuasive words of mans wisdom but in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost!" Even though his education could have qualified him to speak he chose to follow Christ as the unqualified. This decision to be "marked", not for his glory but the Glory of God made him unoffendable and impossible for the enemy to destroy. Paul we will kill you, to die is gain! We will release you, to live is Christ! We will beat you, I do not compare these present sufferings with the future glory! We will put you in jail, okay we will worship the Lord the prisoners will be set free the guards will be saved and we will have a baptismal service! The unqualified become the untouchable remnant to establish and demonstrate the Kingdom of God on the earth to usher in His rule and reign!”
Scott Ethridge, Lead Pastor, Shreveport, LA

“The unqualified cannot hope to achieve notoriety or any lasting legacy without the ability to overcome the lie that their qualification must be based on education, wealth, or status.  In my City, there has been only one means to destroy that lie – an authentic encounter with the FIRE of GOD!”
Forrest Beiser, Pastor, San Francisco, CA

“I have never started anything that I was qualified for, but the more unqualified the better! Even Jesus in the garden felt unqualified!”
Philip Cameron, Missionary Evangelist, Founder of Stella’s House, Montgomery, AL

“Unqualified is the label that many have put me under.  I've come to this conclusion.  The anointing in you and on you is greater than the ability and talents that man wants you to measure up to. We must realize that the no of the doubter was canceled out by the resounding YES of the Father.”
Drew Craig, Worship and Youth Pastor, Billings, Montana

“The Unqualified is...Someone that gets knocked down by the world over and over, but overcomes and never gives up; knowing that God will use every overcoming attack as a win for His kingdom. The world sees a nobody but God sees a fighter- an overcomer!”
Elisa Roberts, Midlothian, TX

“The Unqualified is...Someone that feels lost, hurt, abandoned and useless. God uses your healing in these areas as a connection point for others feeling the same way! God will use your greatest weaknesses in the world as your greatest strengths in His kingdom!”
Elisa Roberts, Evangelist and Ministry Student, Midlothian, TX

“The unqualified is a human being so grossly lacking in his/her ability to accomplish a task and completely oblivious its objective as defined by his fellow man that he finds himself stunned (as they are) by the perfect success which permeates his every spirit lead move within a God given task.  It is this very human disqualification that uniquely qualifies him to be humbly, completely and transparently used by God. It is only through those whose "unqualification" cannot be denied that God's omnipotence is perfectly put on display.”
Andy Oram, Lay Youth Pastor, Albertville, AL

"The unqualified are those who have paid the price to walk closely with Jesus but have not been noticed by man for extreme gifting or personality. The playing field is being leveled by the Lord of the Harvest and the laborers of true passion are being released!"
Joel Stockstill, Evangelist and Prophetic Voice, Dallas, TX

“I’m unqualified! I don’t have a Ph.D. I come from a divorced home. Statistics said I shouldn’t have made it. But now I’m blessed, I’m married, and I’m living my life for God’s glory! The unqualified is the song of my life!"
Quinton Carter, Youth Pastor, Houston, TX

“My whole life, I have been deemed unqualified. I've grown up with a speech impediment, but God has called me to become an evangelist. God ignored my limitations and is using me for other people's freedom.”
David Ferguson, Future Evangelist, Ministry Student, Cedar Hill, TX

Realizing that you are unqualified brings freedom because your motivation is no longer about self promotion and self gratification but rather about making known the one who qualifies and gives your life purpose!
Karen Schatzline

The unqualified are the hidden trophies of heaven. They are hope dealers and risk takers with unwavering obedience to the word of God and reckless abandonment to the cause of Christ. Their battle cry is “COURAGE!” — and, courage often disguises itself as CRAZY!
Chilly Chilton

Acknowledging that your unqualified means that you will have to acknowledge that you are not the cause of success.
Nate Schatzline

"The fishermen that Jesus called were the perfect example of the unqualified, but the only qualification Jesus asked for was faith"
Randy Howell, Pro Fisherman, Springville, Al

“The unqualified is the ones the world has put on the sidelines, but God will use their scars and all, but God will use them to change the game.”
David Schluter, Youth Pastor, Peoria, AZ

“The unqualified are poor and needy nothing more than an island of misfits ... That's who God picks! They have found that nothing in the world is of interest, but only that of living a life sold out to the Kingdom of God. They are often hidden behind the closed doors calling out for the revival fire of conviction for holiness and repentance followed with living in obedience and reverence to Kingdom Authority. They do not consult with flesh and blood but instead run to the Holy Spirit to proclaim Jesus with a thundering from their heart”
Ruth Anna Spitsbergen, Pastor, San Diego, CA

"The unqualified is the selection process of identifying and eliminating people from consideration based on their lack of skill and imperfection. The assessment is based on experience, deep insight and wisdom. In a moments time, a skilled leader can see, expose a multitude of faults and quickly eliminate an unqualified from consideration. But then, the Holy Spirit takes over. Years of experience fade, eyesight begins to dim and conventional wisdom is thrown out the door. You see, when the Spirit is allowed into the process, the heart replaces conventional wisdom and the eyes no longer see the shepherd boy! We begin to see the King."
Dan Holbrook, Lead Pastor, Wapakoneta, OH

"The unqualified is often the most unexpected to be used when God assigns people for his tasks.  Think about Peter, Paul & Mary:  Peter needed a career change; Paul needed a life change event and Mary -- an immaculate conception.  Talk about God thinking and acting outside the box!"
Bruce Donisthorpe, Business Leader, Albuquerque, NM

"The unqualified is the felon, the divorced single mother, the broken soul who sees no hope. I am eternally grateful that God qualifies the unqualified! What the devil tried to destroy me with. God has used to build my destiny!"
Nicole Sawyer Richey

“The Unqualified have one thing going for them that separate’s them from others, and that is their willingness to take a step when Jesus says, “Follow Me.”
Josh Wilbanks, Youth Pastor, Decatur, AL

The unqualified is a look into the mystery of why God uses the insignificant to accomplish the supernatural.
Daniel Haskett, Youth Pastor, Gastonia, NC

"Your choice concerning me, carries no weight over his choice in choosing me! The fact that there is breath in my lungs is Gods signature on my life that I AM CHOSEN! I Am Unqualified!”
Josh Carter, Evangelist, North Carolina

“The unqualified is an abused and suicidal 17 year old girl who was kicked out of her home for accepting Christ and years later is called by God to bring down spiritual strong holds that have been holding a generation back from knowing the hope that only Christ can bring.”
Theresa "Mama T" Lance, Intercessor, Ft. Wayne, IN

“The Unqualified is Someone who has no spiritual upbringing or background and has tried everything the world has to offer. Yet still feels empty and useless inside. Then God plants a seed of "there is something more". They are the one’s with a contrite and willing heart, callouses on their knees and only desire to hear from the King "well done good and faithful servant".
Roger Shadley, Business Owner, Lay Minister, Phoenix, AZ

“The unqualified are those that are overlooked and an afterthought, because they don't come from a rich spiritual heritage. They are those that are hidden in the shadows of the spiritual elite.”
Mark McGaffin, Youth Pastor, Valencia, CA

“The unqualified are fearless. They have nothing to lose because he had nothing to prove in the first place. Everything they do is purely for the glory of God. They are eternally grateful, because they never knew that they had a place in the game. But one day, God chooses then and brings them into this special remnant called the unqualified.”
Paul Liu, You Pastor, Singapore

"The unqualified are often overlooked and always underestimated. Their abilities are hidden by their humility and only truly exposed by the oppositions that they were created to conquer. They stand while everyone else bows. They step out while others hide. The unqualified rise while the more qualified fall."
Jayme Montera, Evangelist, Springfield, MO

“The unqualified is often the discounted of man, but is counted on by God! Not because of what He can do, but what God can do through Him! He is the unexpected Champion over the enemy of the throne. The shepherd boy victor standing over the career confident warrior! He is the secret weapon in the hand of God!”
Allen Hawes, Youth Pastor, Tampa, FL

“The unqualified is so obscure, so unprepared from man's perspective, that he/she isn't even on the devil's radar! They have no pedigree, no endorsements, no reputation. They are free from the expectations or judgments of critics.”
Glenn Randle. Lead Pastor, Albertville, AL

“The Unqualified is the secret one. The one who's voice is only loud in the prayer closet. The one with the well-worn keys to the secret place.”
Josh Hawkins, Youth Pastor, Ft Wayne, IN

The unqualified are those that have felt unworthy, that once settled for a life of 'less than' because of the shame and guilt from their past, but now freely, passionately, in total surrender, pursue the high calling they have in Christ Jesus. The unqualified have overcome their biggest hurdle...the hurdle of ME!”
Keith Daugherty, Pastor, New Jersey

“Acknowledging that you are unqualified is not the same as admitting failure, it's relieving the pressure to be something that you're not. To be unqualifed is simply to acknowledge that in order to succeed, a greater power than you must step in. Those who refuse to acknowledge that they are unqualified are the ones that will inevitably fail. Proverbs 16:18 (MSG), "First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall."
Nate Schatzline, 23, The House Modesto, CA

The unqualified are not propped up by popularity, instead by prayer; don’t carry credentials, but rather a cross. The unqualified don’t demand to make dollars, but dream to make a difference. Being unqualified is the very reason that Christ can be glorified through you. 1 Corinthians 1:27-31 (AMP)”
Scott Jakeway, Lay Pastor, Phoenix, AZ

Never allow people's negative opinions of you make you feel disqualified, when the Voice of God has already qualified you. Always make sure God's voice is the loudest voice you listen to.
Joe Joe Dawson

“Throughout the Bible, God used people who were failures, criminals, afraid, poor, dishonest, and cultural outcasts. Our shortcomings don’t disqualify us, but instead make us prime candidates for receiving the grace required to spread a message of hope to a hurting and broken world.  They are those who believed their weaknesses and lack of ability hindered them from having a purpose-filled lif,e but now understand God empowers imperfect people to carry out a perfect plan.”
Matt Armon, Media/Young Adults Pastor, Deltona, FL

"Men love their resumes full of their qualifications. The unqualified simply need to hear Gods voice."
Landon Schott President

“I am the Unqualified” Isaiah 53:2, “Who would have believed what we just heard? When was the LORD's power revealed through him? He grew up before Him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground. He didn't have an impressive form or majesty that we should look at Him, no appearance that we should desire Him.” (Holman Bible Translation) It is the Unqualified that can trace our dreams-come-true back to childhood moments when God dropped seeds of passion into our unassuming lives. Ours were fragile, tender shoots that no one even expected to survive. Yet deep in our humanity 'God-ness' was engrafted and cultivated by the Holy Spirit. Anyone who knew us back then are awed when lives are affected by us today---we, most of all. The staggering wonder of seeing God working in us and through us is the humbling mystery of "The unqualified.”
Tava Brice, Pastor, Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Because of the great love of our God the unqualified are propelled into becoming the qualified. Harvest time is here and the qualified are standing strong and ready for this last harvest. If I know anything at all it is that God's love for us changes and covers every part of our life and purpose here on earth. We must understanding that God has put greatness in all of us. We must discover how to use it for His Glory!”
Ms. Margaret Edmondson, Minister and Entrepreneur, Albertville, AL

"I have always known that, because God so miraculously rescued me that he would also use me. God always uses the unqualified to fulfill his commission. This ensures that no man can take credit. God likes those of us that are pulled from the depths of sin and anoints us to do the same for others. We are those who have the testimony that begins with.... "If it had not been for Jesus!"
Jay Haizlip, Pastor, Author, Professional Skateboarder, & reality television personality on "Preachers of LA"

What does "Unqualified" mean to you?